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Our Pricing

Our pricing model is built for mutual growth. We only get paid if we save you and your team money.

The Analysis

Your journey with us begins with a friendly initial interview, and once completed our in-depth analysis. To reserve your spot, we ask for a $500 deposit, which is fully refundable if we can't assist you. If we can help, the deposit will be credited to your monthly bill.

Your Analysis is free of charge


Our team will carefully observe your day-to-day tasks and time them to identify areas for improvement. Within just a few business days, we'll reach out to discuss the game-changing solutions we can offer you and your business.

Once we've agreed to work together, our pricing is based on the estimated savings from our timed analysis. For the next three months, you'll be charged 50% of your estimated savings, minus your initial deposit. During this time, we'll implement the optimizations.

The workflow specialist assigned to your account will only work on your optimizations until everything's in place

As the automations run, we'll track your monthly savings using precise data. If, after the first quarter, it turns out you've paid too much, we'll credit you the difference. Any overages will be added to your next bill. From then on, we'll charge you 50% of your exact monthly time savings.

Our commitment: We earn only when you save, aligning our interests and driving us to mutual success.

The Implementation

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