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Dive Into the New Age of Workflow Optimization

Client Workflow Examples

Giving a Gallery More Time To Focus

Annual Savings: ~$45K

One of our partners is an art gallery that conducts online sales. We designed a workflow that seamlessly processes order details, transmits shipping information to the cloud, and readies package labels for UPS pickup. Completely automated.

Giving a Flight School More Time To Train

Annual Savings: ~$71K

One of our partners is a flight school. We developed an integrated enrollment system for them, consolidating their scheduling, training, and billing within a single software, while automating their accounting. A unified, smoothly functioning system.

Giving Healthcare Counslers More Time to Counsel

Annual Savings: ~$7K

One of our partners is a counseling provider. We created an automated invoicing system for them, and established a cloud-based archive for group therapy session records, complete with dates and organized logs.

Giving a Data Plan Provider More Time to Sell

Annual Savings: ~$68K

One of our partners sells mobile internet data plans to RV owners. We helped the team integrate a subscription and customer management tool that tracks payments, support calls and all customer activities. 

We Optimize Businesses of Any Size

Whether it's a simple or complex task, we create workflows for partners of all sizes. We encourage you to start small, with just one workflow to test the waters. Experience the difference firsthand, and remember, we can always expand later. Your investment cost remains the same, so why not give it a try?

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